Autors: Tarulli, M. T., Venkov, G. V., Elena Nikolova.
Title: On the well-posedness in Lorentz spaces for the inhomogeneous heat equation
Keywords: Heat Equation

Abstract: We present new Strichartz estimates in Lorentz spaces for the solutions to the heat equation with inhomogeneous nonlinearity in the mass subcritical framework and space dimension d ≥ 1. As an application we prove local and global well-posedness in the Strichartz-Lorentz space Lq((0, T ); Lr,2(ℝ^d)), both in the focusing and the defocusing case, assuming the initial data are in the L2(ℝ^d) space.



    AIP Conference Proceedings, issue 2459, 2022, United States, AIP,

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