Autors: Iliev I., Beloev I., Kamburova V., Terziev, A. K.
Title: Experimental Validation Data for CFD of Heat Transfer Processes in a New Thermosyphon Heat Exchanger
Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) validation; Heat transfer; Thermosyphon air heater; Turbulent intensity

Abstract: The aim of this article is to the validate the results of an experimental study of heat transfer processes in a two-phase thermosyphon type air heater using numerical modelling tools. The analysis in this paper are for an air heater, which is used for heat extraction from flue gases of a boiler and the heating of the fresh air. The numerical survey refers to a thermosyphon tube inclined at 10° by the path of the flue gases and 20° by the air. The proposed technology is innovative, whereby the main goal is to achieve better heat transfer and higher efficiency of the proposed facility. In the process of numerical modelling, the influence of the initial turbulence and the coefficient of heat transfer processes in the air heater was studied. Validation of the obtained data from the numerical solution was made with the experimental ones and a methodology for carrying out numerical studies was proposed in the analysis for the proposed innovative type of two-phase thermosyphon air-heaters.



    Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Energy and Environment: Energy Saved Today is Asset for Future, CIEM 2017, pp. 202-206, 2017, Romania, ISBN 978-153863943-6

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    1. Ba C., Zhang W., Xu H., Liu Y., Experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of composite thermosyphon radiator for CPU cooling (2022) Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2263 (1), art. no. 012010, DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/2263/1/012010 - 2022 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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