Autors: Ciocia A., Amato A., leo P.D., Fichera S., Malgaroli G., Spertino F., Tzanova, S. S.
Title: Self-Consumption and Self-Sufficiency in Photovoltaic Systems: Effect of Grid Limitation and Storage Installation
Keywords: self-consumption; self-sufficiency; photovoltaic plants; sto

Abstract: This paper presents a methodology to maximize the self-sufficiency or cost-effectiveness of grid-connected prosumers by optimizing the sizes of photovoltaic (PV) systems and electrochemical batteries. In the optimal sizing procedure, a limitation on the maximum injection in the grid can affect the energy flows, the economic effectiveness of the investments, and thus the sizing results. After the explanation of the procedure, a case study is presented, and a parametric analysis of the effect of possible injection limits is shown. The procedure is applied to size plants for an Italian domestic prosumer, whose electric load profile was measured for a year. A software program developed using the proposed methodology is also briefly presented. It is used for both research and educational purposes, both in laboratory classes and in remote lessons



    Energies, vol. 14, issue 6, pp. 1591, 2021, Switzerland, MDPI,

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