Autors: Todorov, G. D., Todorov, T. S., Valtchev S., Ivan E I., Klaassens B.
Title: Comparative analysis of tunable kinetic MEMS energy harvesters
Keywords: kinetic energy harvester, MEMS, vibration, resonans

Abstract: Comparative analysis of piezoelectric vibrating micro electromechanical harvesters with variable effective spring stiffness is presented at the paper. The structure of the harvesters consists of proof mass suspended by an elastic beam. A viscous damper represents the energy dissipation of the system. Piezoelectric layers, disposed on the maximum stress zone of the beam surface, are used as generators of electric energy. The stiffness of the beam is varied by capacitors, which are positioned at the maximum deflection zone of the beam.



    , 2012, United States, IEEE

    Copyright IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics

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