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Autors: Mateev, V. M., Todorova, M. K., Marinova, I. Y.
Title: Eddy Current Losses of Coaxial Magnetic Gears
Keywords: Eddy currents Finite element model Magnetic gear Permanent magnets

Abstract: Reduction of eddy current losses is essential for magnetic gears efficiency enhancement. These losses are resulting in output torque reduction, especially in high rotational speeds and high gear ratios. In this paper, we developed an approach for determination of the eddy current losses of a coaxial magnetic gear. A time dependent two dimensional finite element model has been utilized. Permanent magnets such as NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico and ferrite are used in order to evaluate the eddy currents and the torque transmission losses for a magnetic gear performance.


    23rd International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM 2018, 2018, Greece, DOI: 10.1109/ICELMACH.2018.8506782

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    1. DOI: 10.1541/ieejias.139.1015 - 2019 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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