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Autors: Hinov, N. L., Penev, D. N., Vacheva, G. I.
Title: Ultra capacitors charging by regenerative braking in electric vehicles
Keywords: electric vehicles, buck-boost converters, regenerative energy, control of energy flows, ultracapacitors

Abstract: The process of regenerative braking of an electric vehicle with source of energy - battery and ultracapacitor is subject of this work. The studied system is composed of a brushless DC motor, buck-boost DC converter and ultracapacitors. An optimization of the control system for storing maximum energy in the ultracapacitors is performed. The results are useful for the aim of improving the control of energy flows in electric vehicle and achieving maximum range with a single charge.


    XXV International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2016, pp. 222-225, 2016, Bulgaria,

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