Autors: Belnikolovsky, B. G., Kralov, I. M.
Title: An investigation of the dynamic loads in a two-stage spur-gear machine aggregate - part I
Keywords: spur-gear, dynamic loads

Abstract: In this paper, a model of a two-stage spur gear machine aggregate with 12 degree of freedom is treated. The model is built as a vibrating system containing mass, elastic and damping characteristics of the shafts, bearings, teeth meshings and characteristics of the driving and driven machine. The main factors exciting dynamic loads are included: the variable stiffness in teeth meshings, caused by the non-equal number of simultaneously working teeth pairs, the force of impact in the moment of including of meshing out of the theoretical meshing line, and the pitch error of the teeth.


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Journal of theoretical and applied mechanics, vol. 2, pp. 22-26, 1998, Bulgaria,

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