Autors: Hinov, N. L., Rangelov, N. R.
Title: Buck ZVS DC-DC Quasi-Resonant Converter: Design, Modeling, Simulation and Experimentation
Keywords: Zero voltage switching, DC-DC power converters, Soft switchi

Abstract: — In the paper work a experimental study has been made with practical trend, of a Buck DC – DC quasi resonant converter, working with ZVS ( Zero Voltage Switching ). In the work a mathematical expressions, for the parameters, which describe the work of the power part of the circuit, has been made. With their help a method for designing of a Buck ZVS DC – DC quasi resonant converter has been proposed. The advantage of this method is the use of simple expressions, which facilitate the designing, but in the same time an acceptable error of 10 % is kept, commensurate with the tolerance of the values of the reactive elements (capacitor and inductor). The verification of these expressions has been made with modeling (Matlab/Simulink), computer simulations (LTSpice) and experimental measurements on a laboratory stand.



    Scientific Journal “Electronics and Electrical Engineering”, pp. 6, 2014, Lithuania, ISSN 1392-1215

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