Autors: Tsankov, L. , T., Mitev, G. M., Mitev, M. G.
Title: Solar panels as possible optical detectors for cosmic rays
Keywords: extensive air showers, Cherenkov radiation, Photovoltaic cel

Abstract: Photovoltaic cells have relatively high sensitivity to visible light and are available as large area panels at a reasonable price. Their potential use as air Cherenkov detectors for the extended atmospheric showers, caused by high energy cosmic rays, is very attractive. In this paper we make an evaluation of different types of photovoltaic (PV) cells. We propose a schematic for optimal separation of the fast component of the detector system signal. The threshold sensitivity of the different configurations is estimated and their ability to detect very high energy cosmic rays is discussed.


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XXIII International Symposium NUCLEAR ELECTRONICS & COMPUTING NEC’2011, pp. 264 - 268, 2011, Bulgaria,

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