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Autors: Galabova, L. P.
Title: Strategy, Knowledge Strategy and Culture: Confronting the Knowledge Absence in Small Firms
Keywords: Knowledge, Knowledge strategy, Organisational culture, Small business

Abstract: Purpose – Organisational culture plays an important role in the processes of knowledge creation, transfer, exploitation and exploration. It impacts on attraction, development and retention of human capital and thus contributes to (or hinders) the value creation process. The aim of the present paper is to study how small firms have adapted their strategies in response to requirements for higher dependence on knowledge, information and high-skill levels; and the role of the organisational culture in the resulting strategy implementation, to address “knowledge absence”. Design/methodology/approach – The research method chosen to explore the interrelationship between strategy, knowledge strategy and culture and day-to-day practices in place is qualitative. It consists of two phases. In the first phase semi-structured interviews were conducted with managerial staff of 32 small European Union (EU) firms (personnel less than 50 people) from three sectors that are considered to be knowledg


    11th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics, Eds. Spender, JC., Schiuma, G. and Noenning, J.R., Proceedings: Towards a New Architecture of Knowledge: Big Data, Culture and Creativity, issue 15, pp. 544-557, 2016, Germany, https://www.ifkad.org/previous-editions/ifkad-2016/, ISBN 978-88-96687-09-3

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