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Autors: Galabova, L. P.
Title: Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Firms
Keywords: – Human Capital, Intangibles, Entrepreneurial firms, Entrepreneurs, Small Business

Abstract: Purpose – People are important in any business and this is especially so in small entrepreneurial firms in which tight margins can limit staff numbers and growth. These firms are seeking sustainable competitive advantage through enhanced employee performance. However, this is highly dependent on the competence and day-to-day management practices of the entrepreneurs. The purpose of this paper is to explore management practices in entrepreneurial firms and to study how entrepreneurs’ human capital, developed over the time, helps them to improve business performance and growth. Design/methodology/approach – This paper draws upon 15 interviews with entrepreneurs and their employees and additional data collected through case studies. The interview approach was adopted in order to gain data that would provide a clear picture of day-to-day practice and which would enable comparison between the views and attitudes of the entrepreneurs and the perceptions and experiences of the employees.


    10th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics “Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: connecting the knowledge dots”, pp. 132-142, 2015, Italy, https://www.ifkad.org/previous-editions/ifkad-2015/, ISBN 978-88-96687-07-9

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