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Autors: Marinova, I. Y., Mateev, V. M., Terzova, A. I.
Keywords: static electromagnetic characteristics, dynamic characteristics, electro-magnetic system, ferrofluid, finite element method, modeling, computer measurement system,

Abstract: Appearance of the new generation nano-ferrofluid materials dramatically improves the operational characteristics of electromagnetic systems and devices. In this work new performance of solenoid type electromagnetic actuator with nano-ferrofluid is investigated and analyzed. Theoretical approach based on 3D multiphysics model of the actuator is developed for fields, processes and phenomena analysis as well as for determination of actuator operational characteristics and parameters. The model couples together electromagnetic field analysis, electric circuit analysis, fluid dynamics analysis and mechanical movement analysis. Transient mode of switching on the electromagnetic actuator is modeled. Measurement system for experimental determination of static and dynamic characteristics of the electromagnetic actuator with ferrofluid is built. Operational electromagnetic characteristics of the actuator are obtained and compared with and without ferrofluid presence in the working gap.


    Advances in Bulgarian Science (ABS), 2014, Bulgaria, ISSN 1312-6164

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