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1. Each paper should consist of an even number of pages.The maximum is 10 pages. The abstarct must not be longer than  10 lines.

2. Format settings:
Page Setup: Margins Top: 0,79” (2,01 cm); Bottom: 0,79” (2,01 cm); Left: 1,00” (2,54 cm); Right: 0,54” (1,37 cm); Gutter: 0” (0 cm); Gutter position: Left; Orientation: Portrait; Multiple Pages: Mirror Margins; Paper size: A4; Width: 8,27” (21 cm); Height: 11,69” (29,7 cm); ● Layout From Edge: Header: 0,4” (0,51 cm); Footer: 0,4” (0,51 cm); ● Page Layout: Page Layout One Column; Font Times New Roman 14 pt; ● Paragraph: Line Spacing Single Space.

3.The figures are created (drown) in a computer graphical format and can be situated in the text or after it. The formulas are written by an equation editor and are numbered in the right hand side.

4.  Each report shall comply to:
- four blank lines (Centerеd; 14 pt; Bold); - English title, written with capital letters (Centerеd; 14 pt; Bold); - author(s) name(s) with two fully written names in English given (first) and surname (family), written in lower case and without affiliations and degree (Centerеd; 14 pt; Bold); - abstract in English – up to 10 lines (Italik; 14 pt; Justified);- keywords in English – up to 2 lines (Italik; 14 pt; Justified);- blank line; - text of the paper in Bulgarian or in English (Justified; 14 pt; Regular) with dentation of the new paragraph 0,5” (1,27 cm); - literature (Justified; 14 pt; Regular)

5. Only papers submitted in .doc or .docx format will be accepted for publication.

6. All the papers will be reviewed. Every author will recieve a notifcation after the review.

7. After acception the author of the paper must downlaod, fill and upload COPYRIGHT TRANSFERENCE AGREEMENT (download)

8. The filled-in COPYRIGHT TRANSFERENCE AGREEMENT must be sent to the organizers in order to proceed with the publication of the accepted paper.



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